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WildC.A.T.s, Jim Lee's Animated 1995 Wildstorm

Base Common - 135 Card Set$ 27.95
Cel Card # (CEL) 1, 2, 4, 8, 9 - Each$ 7.95
Foil Etched # (FE) 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9 - Each$ 7.95
Base Common - Singles$ 0.25
Comic Art

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Base Commons
Character Cards
1.     Spartan
2.     WarBlade
3.     Maul
4.     Voodoo
5.     Grifter
6.     Zealot
7.     Void
8.     Jacob Marlowe
9.     Mr. Majestic
10.   Max Cash
11.   Helspont
12.   Dockwell
13.   Daemonite
14.   Troika
15.   Pike
16.   Artemis
17.   Providence
18.   Taboo
Episode 01: Dark Blade Falling
19.   Billionaire Jacob Marlowe formed his secret superhero group,
20.   Mr. Bryce, you're an artist with a blade. Reno Bryce, computer
21.   Hey, wait! We're the good guys! Sent by billionaire Jacob
22.   The time has come to unlock your power and fulfill your
23.   We Daemonites can't survive in your atmosphere. We need
24.   Save yourself, Voodoo! When the WildC.A.T.S attempt to find
25.   Captured by Helspont, the WildC.A.T.S face the terrible fate he
26.   You guys just can't keep out of trouble! Finding Reno, Voodoo
27.   Kid, I was wrong about you. Welcome to the WildC.A.T.S.!
Episode 02: Heart of Steel
28.   Attica, Slag, and H.A.R.M., the Troika, burst in on the
29.   I ssshall fry you with my volcanic powersss! The WildC.A.T.S
30.   H.A.R.M.! Get us out of here! Now!! The WildC.A.T.S prove
31.   Your taste in clothes has gotten really weird. Karyn McKee of
32.   Y'know, this may not be as easy as I thought. Outside the
33.   Let's roar, WildC.A.T.S! At the Project Alpha site, the
34.   I'm doing this for you, Karyn. Informed by Zealot of the danger
35.   Looks like we'll have to do this the hard way! The WildC.A.T.S
36.   It's over a thousand degrees Fahrenheit in here...but I don't melt
Episode 03: Cry of the Coda
37.   Zealot tries to teach WarBlade the fighting skills she has
38.   Perhaps you'd care to see what a real warrior can do with a
39.   I formed the Coda to fight the Daemonites, Artemis! Spotting a
40.   Nice shot - but you witches won't get away with this! Grifter
41.   Boo! With Grifter and Zealot missing, the other WildC.A.T.S
42.   You can't do it! Your ridiculous code of honor won't let you!
43.   You betrayed me! You betrayed our cause! Sometimes history
44.   I dig bein' big! Reunited with Grifter and Zealot, the
45.   Go ahead, Pike! Give me all you've got! Pike, a general in the
Episode 04: The Evil Within
46.   At Integer Electronics, Zealot and Voodoo respond to a report
47.   Zealot! Heads up! When it looks as if her teammate is in trouble
48.   Helspont, enraged by his team's failure to gain control of the
49.   Shouldn't this be us, leaving? His plan to steal a new technology
50.   All right, you bug-loving, double-crossing stooge! Voodoo,
51.   The lifeform called Voodoo had no idea of her telekinetic
52.   Impossible! Nobody can depossess themselves! But Voodoo
53.   I'd rather not add 'Presidential hit man' to my resume! The
54.   Now I know - I've had a family all along! The WildC.A.T.S
Episode 05: The Big Takedown
55.   A break-in at HALO's Optics Lab is in progress. Working for
56.   Do not make threats for which you have neither the stomach
57.   There she is, kid. Strut yer stuff. While his teammates fight the
58.   Get to cover! Without Lonely's knowledge, Daemonites had
59.   Party's over for you, anyway. Grifter and Lonely take the X-ray
60.   That missile's ready to launch The WildC.AT.S follow Lonely's
61.   Can't...get...free! Nothin'...to fight against! Security expert
62.   Those electrodes were charged! Outside the missile plant where
63.   Kid! This is your last chance! Grifter is able to figure out his
Episode 06: Lives in the Balance
64.   Karillion and a crew of Daemonite drones are unearthing a
65.   Let's get wild! To prevent Helspont and the Daemonites from
66.   After thousands of years, I live again! When the stasis pod is
67.   From the moons of Altair to this distant planet I've pursued
68.   Are you as impressed by this Mr. Majestic as Spartan seems to
69.   It's Spartan! He did it! Mr. Majestic takes a Quantum Energy
70.   That is treason, mister! Spartan confronts Mr. Majestic, whose
71.   Mr. Majestic uses the Quantum Energy Module to create a
72.   Mr. Majestic zapped you with a stun ray and rammed the ship
Episode 07: The Soul of a Giant
73.   I understand you have... some memories of this place. When
74.   The pit! It's collapsing! Before he was Maul, he was young
75.   Didn't realize I was gonna be seein' it so up close and personal.
76.   This ain't my dad... they must'a done something! When the
77.   Just what I had in mind! The WildC.A.T.S move in with
78.   Just make sure the checks clear! Pike is a General in the
79.   A key to the greatest power in the universe. Professor Stone
80.   My son, at last. Maul figures out where Pike has taken
81.   Guess this means the race for the Orb is really going to heat up
Episode 08: Betrayed
82.   The psionic transmitter parasite is ready for activation. With the
83.   I don't need blades to beat that bozo! Unaware of the threat
84.   Mission accomplished. Pull us out. The Daemonites invade
85.   Helspont draws closer to his goal of possessing the Orb. With
86.   We're going down! The WildC.A.T.S - without WarBlade, who
87.   I would suggest regrouping elsewhere! As the WildC.A.T.S
88.   It is useless to resist, Jacob Marlowe! Marlowe tries to fight the
89.   C.A.T.S! We got a target! Let's move! WarBlade rejoins the
90.   F-forgive me, Lord Helspont - Yaaaaaa! With the WildC.A.T.S
Episode 09: The Black Razor's Edge
91.   Perhaps this will interrupt your circuits! When the Troika invade
92.   Awright! Anyone else for old home week? Chastised by
93.   We're defendin' this country. We're defendin' the whole world!
94.   Nick of time as always! Void locates Grifter and the team goes
95.   Take them all! Black Razors - FIRE! On the orders of Grifter's
96.   Hurry, you fools! The WildC.A.T.S are already on their way!
97.   All weapons activate! Stand by to repel boarders! With the laser
98.   And you're not bad for an old man, Gramps. Circumstances -
99.   Hang on...bro! His stolen laser weapon destroyed, Helspont
Episode 10: And Then There Were None
100. The concussion bombs are everything you anticipated, Lord
101. I sometimes find it hard to believe that a single drop of
102. Destroy the criminal scum! As the Daemonites told their
103. Daemonite heat-seeker. Approaching twenty-three degrees west.
104. I foresee...disaster awaiting almost every step. Having unearthed
105. This is excellent! The WildC.A.T.S are separated and
106. Voodoo is completely at my mercy! Her confidence shaken by
107. You have nothing to lose - but your soul! Helspont chases
108. AAAAAARGH! Foolish child! Voodoo battles Helspont and,
Episode 11: M. V. P.
109. Get back, pal! We'll handle this! The Temple of Themescrya
110. Yeah? Well excuse me for livin'! Max Cash and his Black
111. How 'bout we just cut outta here? Helspont steals two nuclear
112. Marlowe! I should have known! Using all the resources at his
113. It is fit only for human males - and other swine. Marlowe orders
114. Well, maybe it's time we quit fightin'. In Fort Knoz, Grifter and
115. Door's open! Let's go! In an attempt to keep the WildC.A.T.S
116. One more for the scrap heap! Maul hurls Zealot and WarBlade
117. Gotcha, boss! The WildC.A.T.S race across the globe to get to
Episode 12: End Game, Part 1
118. The WildC.A.T.S - and their powers - will be mine to control!
119. Let's get a larger perspective here! By invading a NASA base,
120. Oh, bad move, dude! 'Cause now you got me flamin! The
121. He's not breathing! No heartbeat! Grifter's old pal Lonely, now
122. You may have possessed Lonely's body - but you shall not
123. Don't look now, but we have company! The WildC.A.T.S,
124. You are clever, Jacob Marlowe... and dangerous! Marlowe
125. You have robbed me of the one I love. You will not rob me of
126. This is a moment to savor! The WildC.A.T. forces are
Episode 13: End Game, Part 2
127. Now you're being sensible - Grifterrr! Grifter stumbles out of
128. This one has been a most hated enemy for thousands of years.
129. Yer mine now, smokeskull! Fearing for Zealot's life at the hands
130. Fear my wrath! For the hour of your destruction lies near at
131. Oh, Grifter! I thought you were dead! Grifter manages to latch
132. You two will have plenty of time to be together...as servants of
133. The power is mine to control - and Chaos shall rule! The
134. Ultimate power is mine at last! Voodoo breaks free of the Orb's
135. Checklist

Animation Cel Chase Cards
CEL-1. Spartan
CEL-2. WarBlade
CEL-3. Maul
CEL-4. Voodoo
CEL-5. Grifter
CEL-6. Zealot
CEL-7. Void
CEL-8. Jacob Marlowe
CEL-9. Helspont

Foil-Etched Chase Cards
FE-1. Spartan
FE-2. WarBlade
FE-3. Maul
FE-4. Voodoo
FE-5. Grifter
FE-6. Zealot
FE-7. Void
FE-8. Karillion
FE-9. Helspont

Oversized Chase Cards
OS-1. WildC.A.T.S
OS-2. The Black Razors
OS-3. Troika
OS-4. Daemonites
OS-5. Coda

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