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Star Trek, Insurrection 1998 Fleer / Skybox

Base Common - 72 Card Set$ 18.95
Relationship - 9 Chase Card Set$ 45.95
Okudagram - 9 Chase Card Set$ 36.95
Wardrobe - 9 Chase Card Set$ 18.95
Schematic - 9 Chase Card Set$ 11.95
Autograph # (A) 9, 10, 14 - Each$ 40.95
Science Fiction, Movie, Wide Vision

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Base Commons
1.   Checklist - The Battle For Paradise Has Begun
Mission Log
2.   ML-1.   During a routine "duck-blind" study of the Ba'ku
3.   ML-2.   Aboard the Son'a flagship, Ahdar Eu'afo inspects the
4.   ML-3.   Captain Picard orders the USS Enterprise-E to the Ba'ku
5.   ML-4.   Lieutenant Commander Data has been brought back to
6.   ML-5.   Captain Picard returns to the planet looking for answers.
7.   ML-6.   Captain Picard has discovered the cloaked holo-ship
8.   ML-7.   The Son'a commander, Ru'afo, undergoes what he
9.   ML-8.   Ru'afo greets his second-in-command, Gallatin, who has
10. ML-9.   Ru'afo is satisfied to see the USS Enterprise-E break
11. ML-10. Captain Picard guides the Ba'ku colonists away from
12. ML-11. Artim struggles to reconcile what his father has said
13. ML-12. Son'a shuttles swoop down on the long, slow-moving
14. ML-13. Commander Riker races to clear the Briar Patch and
15. ML-14. Forced to fight, the USS Enterprise-E struggles with
16. ML-15. Picard is beamed up with a group of Ba'ku into a large
17. ML-16. Ru'afo holds back his rage. He is finished with deferring
18. ML-17. It is revealed that the Son'a and the Ba'ku are the same
19. ML-18. Admiral Dougherty learns the truth behind Ru'afo's
20. ML-19. Ru'afo sets a countdown for the end of the Ba'ku world,
21. ML-20. On the bridge of the Son'a flagship, Lieutenant
22. ML-21. Ru'afo clambers through the maze of access tunnels,
23. ML-22. The colony world is saved, and it is time for the rift
24. ML-23. Anij and Captain Picard know it is time for them to part.
25. SB-1.   Crusher, Picard, Crusher
26. SB-2.   Riker, Crusher, Picard
27. SB-3.   Librarian: "Shhh!"
28. SB-4.   Riker, Troi, Riker
29. SB-5.   Picard, Worf, Picard
30. SB-6.   Ru'afo, Picard
31. SB-7.   Picard, Worf
32. SB-8.   Troi, Riker, Troi, Riker
33. SB-9.   Picard, Data, Picard
34. SB-10. Data, Artim, Data
35. SB-11. Picard, Anij
36. SB-12. Data: "In the event of a water lading, I have been
37. SB-13. Riker: "You Klingons never do anything small, do you..."
38. SB-14. Riker: "Smooth as an android's bottom, eh, Data?"
39. SB-15. Picard: "Some of the darkest chapters in the history of
40. SB-16. LaForge: "There wasn't anything wrong with my implants
41. SB-17. Picard, Dougherty, Picard
42. SB-18. Picard, Dougherty, Picard
43. SB-19. Data, Crusher, Data
44. SB-20. Ru'afo: "I'm going to miss these little flesh-stretching
45. SB-21. Artim, Data
46. SB-22. Worf: "I have an odd craving for the blood of a live
47. SB-23. Worf: "Definitely feeling aggressive tendencies..."
48. SB-24. Riker, LaForge
49. SB-25. LaForge, Riker, La Forge
50. SB-26. Ru'afo: "This is going to end...now. The Ba'ku want to
51. SB-27. Artim: "Hey, Data! Don't forget - you've got to play a
52. P-1.   Captain Jean-Luc Picard
53. P-2.   Commander William T. Riker
54. P-3.   Lieutenant Commander Data
55. P-4.   Counselor Deanna Troi
56. P-5.   Dr. Beverly Crusher
57. P-6.   Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge
58. P-7.   Lieutenant Commander Worf
59. P-8.   Admiral Matthew Dougherty
60. P-9.   Ru'afo
61. P-10. Gallatin
62. P-11. Anij
63. P-12. Sojef
64. P-13. Artim
Alien Races
65. AR-1. Son'a
66. AR-2. Ba'ku
67. AR-3. Elloran
68. AR-4. Tarlac
69. AR-5. Cuzar
70. AR-6. Bolian
71. AR-7. Trill
72. AR-8. Vulcan

Relationships Chase Cards
R-1. Picard, Anij
R-2. Data, Artim
R-3. Ru'afo, Admiral Dougherty
R-4. Riker, Troi
R-5. Picard, Crusher
R-6. LaForge, Data
R-7. Riker, Picard
R-8. Worf, Data
R-9. Picard, Ru'afo

Okudagrams Chase Cards
OK-1. Son'a Tactical Display
OK-2. Son'a Tactical Table
OK-3. Son'a Bridge
OK-4. Son'a Ship's Systems Display
OK-5. Son'a Body Enhancement Display
OK-6. Son'a Body Enhancement Equipment
OK-7. USS Enterprise-E Bridge Display
OK-8. USS Enterprise-E Library Display
OK-9. USS Enterprise-E Padd Displays

Wardrobe Chase Cards
W-1. Picard
W-2. Data
W-3. Worf
W-4. Anij
W-5. Cuzar
W-6. Artim
W-7. Elloran Woman
W-8. Tarlac Man
W-9. Son'a Man

Schematics Chase Cards
S-1. USS Enterprise-E
S-2. Core Dump
S-3. Federation Scout Ship
S-4. Enterprise-E Shuttle
S-5. Captain's Yacht
S-6. Son'a Collector Ship
S-7. Son'a Ship
S-8. Ru'afo's Ship
S-9. Holo-Ship

Gold Character Cards
G1. Captain Picard
G2. Commander Riker
G3. Lieutenant Commander Data
G4. Counselor Troi
G5. Dr. Crusher
G6. Lieutenant Commander LaForge
G7. Lieutenant Commander Worf

Autograph Cards
A1.   Patrick Stewart - Picard
A2.   Jonathan Frakes - Riker
A3.   Brent Spiner - Data
A4.   Marina Sirtis - Troi
A5.   Levar Burton - Geordi LaForge
A6.   Gates McFadden - Dr. Crusher
A7.   Michael Westmore - Makeup Designer
A8.   Jennifer Tung - Starfleet Ensign
A9.   Mark Deakins - Tournel
A10. Anthony Zerbe - Admiral Dougherty
A11. Gregg Henry - Gallatin
A12. John Hostetter - Bolian Officer
A13. Stephanie Niznik - Ensign Perim
A14. Breon Gorman - Lt. Curtis
A15. Lee Amone-Briggs - Librarian
A16. Michael Welch - Artim
A17. Bruce French - Son'a Officer
A18. Larry Anderson - Tarlac Officer
A19. Donna Murphy - Anij

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