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The Slayers 2001 Comic Images

Base Common - 72 Card Set$ 14.95
Foil # (C) 1, 2, 5, 6 - Each$ 6.95
Animation, Comic Art

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Base Commons
ANGRY? Lina's Furious Dragon Slave!
1.   This is the story of a great and beautiful sorcerer...me! Lina
2.   It was an historic day when I, Lina Inverse, first crossed paths
3.   On our way to Atlas City, Gourry and yours truly faced an
BAD! Mummy Men Aren't My Type
4.   It isn't easy being a great sorcerer, especially when creeps you
5.   Why me, Lord? I'm just your average, gorgeous, spell-casting
6.   What great power broke the spell that turned a mild-mannered
CRASH! Red and White and Suspicious All Over
7.   So maybe I got myself into this particular jam. Yes, it was
8.   The strange hooded guy - his name was Zelgadis - wasn't exactly
9.   Okay, so I injured myself slightly in a scuffle with some
DASH! Run for it! My Magic Doesn't Work?!
10. As I tried to explain to Gourry (using the smallest words possible
11. Gourry and I were trekking across the landscape when I finally
12. It wasn't long before Zelgadis confronted us again, this time
ESCAPE! Noonsa, the Flaming Fish Man
13. I awakened from my losing battle with Zelgadis and my arms hurt
14. With me a prisoner and bright boy Gourry lost someplace,
15. Just when I thought it was safe to go back into the water, along
FOCUS! Rezo's the Real Enemy!
16. Zelgadis and I were racing through the forest, when we were
17. Rezo, the Red Priest, who was born without sight, required the
18. By command of the evil Rezo, beast-man, Dilgear, turned on his
GIVE UP! We Almost Do, Then the Sure Kill Sword Appears!
19. Talk about nonstop excitement... Zelgadis and I had been
20. Why do I, the ingenious, all-powerful Lina Inverse, hang around
HELP! Shabranigdo is Reborn!
21. My friends and I were trying to figure out our next move against
22. I finally figured out that Rezo needed the Philosopher Stone to
IMPACT! The Eve of the Menacing Battle!
23. Ruby-eyed Shabranigdo!, gasped Zelgadis as the monstrous
24. Reveling in the return of Shabranigdo, an army of trolls
JACKPOT! The Great Life or Death Gamble!
25. Even I, Lina Inverse, get a little anxious sometimes. Like when I
26. Rezo's soul...it hasn't been completely destroyed! I shouted to
27. You'll recall I said that the Dragon Slave was my most powerful
KNOCK OUT! The Seyruun Family Feud!
28. After vanquishing Shabranigdo and saving the world from
29. Once upon a time a girl named Lina Inverse dreamed of meeting
LOVELY! Amelia's Magic Training!
30. Me, Lina Inverse, a teacher? Worse than that...a role model?
31. Instead of teaching Amelia the Dragon Slave, I put our little
32. Thinking they were actually helping out the local citizenry,
MONEY! Knock Out Those Bounty Hunters!
33. My friends and I finally reached the glorious city of Seyruun.
34. Who would have thought? Me, Lina Inverse, actually getting
NAVIGATION! An Invitation to Sairaag!
35. Why was there a price on our heads? In an effort to get to the
36. Relentless hunters, Vrumugun and Zangulus, certainly kept us
OH NO! Lina's Wedding Rhapsody?!
37. M-M-Marriage? Me?! Heck, I was only 15! Actually, it was a
38. Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to assist poor-little-rich
39. The big wedding day was at hand, and it really looked like we
PASSION! Shall We Give Our Lives for the Stage?
40. To Be Or Not to Be...an actress? That was a new one. While on
41. The acting troupe my friends and I temporarily joined was run by
42. Now part of the Rossburg acting company, Gourry and I were
QUESTION? He's Proposing to That Girl?
43. No one could ever accuse my sword-swinging pal, Gourry, of
44. We were three adorable sisters... Le Le, Lu Lu, and La La (great
45. Poor Gourry. Fed up with running around in drag, he tried to
RETURN! The Red Priest is Back!
46. My friends and I finally made it to Sairaag and there we stood,
47. In Sairaag, Gourry met up with an old "friend"...Sylphiel, a sweet
48. Evil Eris confronted us in her mansion, flanked by those
SHOCK! Sairaag Falls!
49. Our old friend Zelgadis was back... and so, apparently, was
50. Was the new Rezo we fought real or a copy? To figure this out, I
51. Reunited with Zelgadis, we learned that Rezo once had a secret
TROUBLE! Rahanimu, the Furious Fish Man!
52. Recovering from Rezo's mega-blasting of Sairaag wasn't easy,
53. There I was, Lina Inverse, taking a pleasant dip in the waters of
54. In the Miasma Forest, Gourry and his opposite number,
UPSET! Gourry Vs. Zangulus!
55. Even the magic of Lina Inverse, genius sorcerer, couldn't
56. We were facing our foes in the transit chamber of Rezo's inner
57. Rezo's trick spell had separated our forces. Sylphiel and I found
VICE! The One Who Was Left Behind?
58. Zangulus was anything but a sore loser after Gourry cleaned his
59. Place: the catacombs of Rezo's ancient stronghold. That's where
60. Down in the deepest chamber, Sylphiel witnessed Mr. Chicken
WARNING! Eris's Wrath
61. Before we could read what was inscribed on Rezo's ancient
62. It wasn't long before we realized what Eris was up to. She
63. There was a lot of roughhousing going on in Rezo's underground
X-DAY! The Demon Beast is Reborn
64. Rest in peace, my dear, the evil Copy Rezo laughed after
65. All-powerful Rezo took our great battle out of a narrow
66. Once again, Lina Inverse challenged ultimate evil with the
YES! A New Hope: the Bless Blade!
67. How could this have happened? The Copy Rezo and the demon
68. Sylphiel brought my seriously-injured self to a special place near
69. All right! Sylphiel's emergency healing spells brought yours truly
ZAP! Victory is Always Mine!
70. Mad with power, Rezo continued his rampage of destruction
71. Just as Rezo was consolidating his power and preparing to zap
72. With the Holy Tree alive once again, combined with the power

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