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1996 Card Creations

Base Common - 99 Card Set$ 27.95
Animation, Comic Art

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Base Commons
The Golden Hearted
1.   In the 1987-88 "Popeye & Son" television series, the Popeye
2.   Popeye's tenderness towards animals and defenseless people
3.   Popeye creator E. C. Segar often wrote comic strip episodes
4.   What hero doesn't like to receive a big wet kiss after performing
5.   Olive's dreams usually get her into trouble. On a few occasions
6.   Popeye was on prime-time TV in 1979 with the special, "The
7.   While Popeye loves his nephews, at times they can be a source
8.   The Max Fleischer Studios took Popeye's personality straight
9.   Husbands and boyfriends are known to buy ill-advised last-
The Target
10. Nothing can keep Popeye down for very long, even if it's a huge
11. Popeye tried to have a relaxing day fishing, but a testy mosquito
12. Tom Sims and Bela Zaboly, successors to E. C. Segar on
13. One of the most common themes in Popeye comic strips and
14. Bud Sagendorf often wrote "silly" Sunday pages depicting the
15. Popeye has been able to defeat all types of large menaces, but
16. Popeye will eat his favorite food, spinach, at all hours of the day
17. Though Olive has been striking Popeye since the early days of
18. One of the favorite toys from the 1960s was Kenner's "Give-A-
The Adventurer
19. The Goons of Goon Island were not the only hairy monsters
20. During the early 1980s a fashion trend started, using characters
21. When the "Thimble Theatre" comic strip was written by Ralph
22. When Eugene the Jeep the debuted in a "Thimble Theatre" comic
23. In the 1946 Famous Studios cartoon, "Rodeo Romeo," Popeye
24. In 1938 E. C. Segar created Popeye's first interaction with alien
25. Most animation fans agree that the best "Popeye" animated films
26. When the Popeye movie cartoons debuted on TV in 1956, they
27. Today if you featured a cartoon character confronting a native in
The Strongman
28. Popeye's tender and charitable virtues are well known. In the
29. Popeye doesn't mean to frustrate his allies, but his strength is as
30. In this 1935 Segar Sunday funny page, a muscle-bounded
31. Popeye was wandering the desert in this daily comic strip
32. In 1936 Popeye first appeared in a color animated cartoon, titled
33. Popeye was held prisoner for various reasons, but never for long
34. Veteran cartoonist Hy Eisman took over the "Popeye" Sunday
35. After six decades of courtship, Olive must realize by now that
36. One of the staples of the comic book racks from the 1930s to
The Fighter
37. Bluto is on the receiving end of yet another beating from Popeye
38. Popeye swung his fists at a mustachioed villain from an early
39. Popeye doesn't need the wire service to send a powerful
40. Popeye could often be found in the boxing arena in the early
41. During World War II, Popeye served his country in animated
42. What's a single father to do when he can't find a babysitter and
43. Pity the fool who stands behind comeone who was just hit by
44. Segar's successors on "Thimble Theatre" created many one-shot
45. Popeye's travelling companion in the daily strip during the years
The Sailor
46. Popeye enjoys spending his time on the wharf, whether it's
47. Popeye is probably dancing his sailor's jig to the tune of his
48. Popeye kept a sharp eye out on his fleet while taking a bath. This
49. Considering the combined weight of Burtus, Wimpy, and Alice
50. In 1942 Famous Studios took over production of the "Popeye"
51. Bad weather has never stopped Popeye from setting out on a
52. Can there never be a peaceful moment for that happy peaceful
53. In the 1934 cartoon, "The Man on the Flying Tapeze," Popeye
54. This image comes from the comic book cover, "Popeye the
The Superhero
55. In the last ten years, Popeye has evolved into an environmentally
56. In the past the characters ro receive regular exposure were
57. Popeye showed he was just a tad upset by lifting up Olive's
58. In the 1944 Famous Studios film, "She Sick Sailors," Popeye's
59. In a 1938 Sunday page, Poopdeck Pappy pretended to be
60. In E. C. Segar's daily "Thimble Theatre" comic strips. Popeye
61. At the conclusion of his first animated appearance, Popeye stop
62. Locked doors of any type are never a problem for Popeye. If he
63. Popeye is a one-man army and supply train, as illustrated in this
Power Plant
64. The Whiffle Hen was one of Segar's earliest creations; it even
65. In the 1939 Fleischer cartoon, "Wotta Nitemare," Bluto punched
66. Popeye didn't have much luck battling insects in his animated
67. In "Vacation with Play" (1951), Popeye and Olive are bullied by
68. In the 1954 Famous Studios production, "Private Eye Popeye,"
69. Popeye and Olive have enjoyed six decades of spending time to
70. Swee'pea knew how to please his adopted Pappy as shown in
71. Popeye has never been known to be a penny-pincher, but he
72. In this Sunday comic strip by Bud Sagendorf, Olive thought that
Magnificent Muskels
73. The image of the Rock of Gilbraltar in Popeye's muscles has
74. By the looks of this picture, Popeye doesn't have to be on the
75. Popeye used his muscles to close the 1956 film, "Out to Punch,"
76. In the 1960 TV cartoon, "Egypt Us," produced by Gerald Ray,
77. In the 1960 television cartoon, "Popeye and the Herring Snatcher
78. The first time audiences would get to see Popeye's muscle in
79. Popeye has often portrayed legendary figures in the animated
80. The success of the 1936 featurette, "Popeye the Sailor Meets
81. Popeye shows that his muscle contained the power of dynamite
The Sailor of Seven Seas
82. Italy. For over sixty years, Popeye has sailed the seven seas plus
83. United States. Popeye is loved by all countries around the world,
84. Netherlands. Popeye is nothing if not fashionable in his double-
85. Brazil. Popeye rests on a dock in the southern hemisphere nation
86. Spain. The sailors of Spain have ocean water in their veins; for
87. Sweden. Given his bravery, daring, and spirit of adventure, we
88. Azores Islands. The oceans are dotted with splendid islands like
89. England. This proud land has been remembered in history as the
90. Japan. Even for a seasoned sailor like Popeye, the Land of the
The Classic
91.The first brawl between Popeye and Brutus for the attention of
92. In early "Popeye" cartoons, the first part of a classic fight saw
93. Olive is being carried away by Brutus like so much plunder in a
94. The swelling crescendos of Popeye's theme song prepare the
95. The idea of having and object appear in Popeye's muscle was a
96. There just never seems to be a reason for the bad guy to try
97. The sweet reward of being carried away in her hero's arms makes
98. After Popeye saved Olive from Brutus, the least she could do for
99. Checklist

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