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Marilyn Monroe, Series 2 1995 Sports Time

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Base Commons
101. The deliciously daffy "Girl" from "The Seven-Year Itch" (1955)
102. Marilyn struggled throughout her career with her contracts with
103. At the age of six months, the young Norma Jean was baptized
104. Marilyn graduated from Van Nuys High School, where she
105. As Marilyn grew in popularity, she was able to escape several
106. One of literally thousands of "cheesecake" poses of Marilyn
107. Marilyn's trip to Korea to entertain America GIs was one of the
108. Marilyn underwent two minor plastic surgeries in the late '40s -
109. Soon after Marilyn moved to the East Coast in 1955, she began
110. Though hardly in the league of, say, Yogi Berra, Marilyn did
111. Marilyn's fabled trip to Korea was in some ways an accident.
112. Marilyn's last (unfinished) movie, "Something's Got to Give,"
113. It's likely that the marriage between Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio
114. Marilyn in costume from 1953's "How to Marry a Millionaire."
115. In 1953's "How to Marry a Millionaire," Marilyn played the role
116. The movie "Niagara," the 1953 film was the break that
117. "Niagara" is the only movie in which a Marilyn character ("Rose
118. In the 1952 film "Monkey Business", Marilyn played opposite
119. The film "Niagara" ultimately provided history with some unique
120. "Niagara" was Marilyn's eighteenth film and the first in which
121. 1951's "Love Nest" is notable for having one of the few screen
122. "Sugar Kane," Marilyn's wildly popular character from "Some
123. Marilyn in costume from the uncompleted 1962 film
124. Production of the 1957 film "The Prince and the Showgirl" was
125. Unknown to much of the public, Marilyn suffered from
126. Marilyn was seldom more beautiful than as she appeared in
127. In her later years, troubled by insomnia and pursued
128. While studying at Lee Strasberg's Actor's Studio in 1955,
129. Marilyn was close friends with Frank Sinatra, and was once
130. Marilyn's performance in "Bus Stop" (1956), from which this
131. The stresses of moviemaking took their toll on Marilyn during
132. Marilyn's one-time business partner, photographer Milton H.
133. A typical swimsuit pose from Marilyn's modeling career. In
134. Though Marilyn's hit role in "Love Happy" (1949) significantly
135. "Cherie," Marilyn's character in "Bus Stop," ultimately comes
136. "The Monroe Six" was a loose grouping of teenage fans - two
137. What actor played opposite Marilyn in the most films? The
138. This introspective shot of Marilyn was taken by Milton H.
139. Marilyn's role as Pola Debevoise in "How to Marry a Millionaire
140. Marilyn, born Norma Jean Baker, was named after actress
141. Marilyn appeared on the cover of hundreds of magazines in the
142. A classic pose of Marilyn from the mid-'50s, one of several
143. "How to Marry a Millionaire," Marilyn's third smah hit of 1953,
144. Marilyn as she appears in one of literally thousands of publicity
145. So popular was Marilyn that she would eventually be captured
146. Though Joe DiMaggio was Marilyn's second husband, and
147. Marilyn's first big movie break resulted from director John
148. An early modeling pose of Marilyn. Her first gig as a show
149. Marilyn spent much of her time filming the 1954 movie "River
150. Marilyn seldom tired of posing for publicity shots. After
151. Media efforts to promote the romance between Marilyn and Joe
152. Marilyn's portrayal of the evil Rose Loomis in "Niagara" pushed
153. A break between shots catches Marilyn reading, as she
154. Marilyn was born as Norma Jean Baker, with the name Baker by
155. Though "Some Like It Hot" was Marilyn's most commercially
156. Marilyn appeared in 1961's "The Misfits," which also starred
157. This publicity photo from the Twentieth Century-Fox machine
158. The original male lead in "Let's Make "Love" was supposed to
159. Though typecast as a sex-pot, Marilyn always yearned to play
160. The introduction of Marilyn's character from "Some Like it Hot,
161. Though Marilyn was snubbed by Academy Award voters,
162. "Some Like It Hot," released in 1959, proved to be a high point
163. Twentieth Century-Fox's early studio biographies of Marilyn
164. The stresses of completing "The Misfits," the dissolution of her
165. The young Marilyn once took piano lessons, and the prize
166. What brand of perfume did Marilyn wear? Chanel No. 5...and
167. 1950's "All About Eve" marked the only time Marilyn would be
168. Marilyn as she appeared in 1962's "Something Got to Give,"
169. The role of Lorelei Lee, in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," was
170. On loan from Twentieth Century-Fox, Marilyn appeared in
171. Milton Greene, a young photojournalist interviewed Marilyn for
172. Marilyn met her third husband, Arthur Miller, through the efforts
173. Even the brightest careers have low points, and so it was for
174. A publicity pose from 1953's "How to Marry a Millionaire."
175. It was during the filming of he 1962 film "Something's Got to
176. With Marilyn planning to wed Arthur Miller (writer of "Death of
177. So stunning was Marilyn in her skintight red eveing gown with
178. "New York... Where The Money Is!" As it turned out, for
179. Marilyn may well have the typical schoolgirl's crush on Clark
180. Marilyn as she appeared in 1961's "The Misfits," which would
181. Marilyn's dramatic debut on television was planned but never
182. One of the photographers Marilyn posed for in the late '40s was
183. Contrary to the persona of a "dumb blonde" that Twentieth-
184. Just as Marilyn's career began to take off, a series of nude
185. Another glimpse of Marilyn as she appeared in pre-production
186. Marilyn in her role of the saloon singer Kay, from the 1954 film
187. Marilyn posed for this piece of advertising in the late '40s.
188. A late-career shot of Marilyn, taken about the time shooting
189. Posterboards for "The Asphalt Jungle" made full use of Marilyn
190. The slightly myopic look of Marilyn in the character Marilyn
191. Here's Marilyn in an unusual publicity pose which reversed her
192. In 1945, before establishing herself as one of the best magazine
193. Marilyn played opposite Don Murray in the 1956 movie "Bus
194. A classic moment in "The Seven-Year Itch" found Marilyn, as
195. It was through Marilyn's association with Milton H. Greene that
196. Checklist 1
197. Checklist 2
198. Checklist 3
199. Checklist 4
200. Checklist 5

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