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Marilyn Monroe, Series 1 1993 Sports Time

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Base Commons
1.     From the famous Bruno Bernard photo that eventually became
2.     A classic promotional shot from the on-location set of Niagara
3.     Marilyn's career demanded frequent appearances at awards
4.     By any account, Marilyn's appearance at the '53 Photoplay
5.     "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend." Marilyn's famous
6.     "Marilyn Monroe" sprang from a meeting with Fox exec Ben
7.     Filming The Misfits would prove to be a physical and emotional
8.     Marilyn as she appeared in '53's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
9.     As she appeared in the 1949 Tobey Beach shoot. Originally in
10.   A famous pose from a swimsuit session in the Hollywood Hills,
11.   Marilyn on the beach in 1946. Soon she would be under
12.   In 1950's Right Cross, Marilyn played a model named Dusky
13.   A seldom-seen Marilyn film is 1950's Hometown Story. A
14.   Publicity pose from The Bus Stop. Marilyn's role as Cherie
15.   The famous wedding shot from 1946 which became a cover of
16.   A Marilyn appearance in a low-cut red dress at a Beverly Hills
17.   Marilyn as she appeared on the set of her final, incompleted
18.   A classic pose from a 1947 "Bernard of Hollywood" photo
19.   Marilyn's most famous single scene, the skirt-blowing episode
20.   The temptress. Even after her movie career peaked, Marilyn still
21.   This card features a famous "Bernard of Hollywood" pose
22.   Notice anything Tinker-Bellish about Marilyn? The character
23.   Marilyn was "discovered" by Army photographer David
24.   The bombshell. In 1955, a 52-foot-high figure of Marilyn (as
25.   A publicity shot from the set of There's No Business Like
26.   What was Marilyn's first starring dramatic role? The answer is
27.   Marilyn's first modeling shots (by David Conover) attracted the
28.   A minor movie that helped Marilyn's career was 1949's Love
29.   A "typical" glamour pose of Marilyn from her early Twentieth-
30.   Marilyn did radio drama only once. On August 31, 1952 she
31.   The gold lame dress. Despite the fact that Marilyn's original
32.   Though the young Marilyn was not an orphan, she did spend
33.   Wardrobe testing before production of Niagara. The movie
34.   Marilyn retained a fondness for animals and young children
35.   One of the most celebrated marriages ever was Marilyn's
36.   A peek at Marilyn in the late-'40s at the time of her second
37.   Several lines from The Seven Year Itch are of the "inside joke"
38.   Marilyn as she appeared in late 1950. About this time she was
39.   Contractual obligations forced Marilyn to accept a leading role
40.   Marilyn was "The Hourglass" and third-and-final husband
41.   Marilyn reprised her "red dress" look from Niagara throughout
42.   After her first two studio contracts were not renewed, Marilyn's
43.   A modeling shot from around 1945. The young Marilyn's
44.   Anticipating claims to the contrary, Twentienth-Century Fox
45.   One of the most famous modeling photos of Marilyn was this
46.   The last movie Marilyn completed, 1960's The Misfits, was
47.   From a George Barris photo session, about 1947. Marilyn tried
48.   1953's hit movie How to Marry a Millionaire provided Marilyn
49.   The Bus Stop days. Marilyn's greatest role may have been as
50.   While honeymooning with Joe DiMaggio in Japan in early '54,
51.   On the town, circa 1954. It was a big year for Marilyn publicity
52.   One of the most obscure film appearances by Marilyn was 1950
53.   While filming The Prince and The Showgirl (for which she
54.   At a press conference during production of The Prince and The
55.   A very early Marilyn photo, most likely the work of David
56.   An exchange for the ages was Marilyn's conversation with
57.   After her great success of 1953, Marilyn's next effort brought
58.   You can actually date Marilyn by the color of her hair. This
59.   Marilyn's first husband, Jim Daugherty, was at the time of their
60.   This shot is from Marilyn's 1946 stint with Hollywood's Blue
61.   On the town, 1955. Marilyn's high-profile existence often took
62.   A 1947 Bruno Bernard photo depicted Marilyn as a very leggy
63.   Although her later movie contracts specified the use of color
64.   A Modeling shot of the young Marilyn. Her second film
65.   Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc. Tired of battling the studio
66.   This shot of Marilyn was likely taken on premiere night for The
67.   This early Marilyn shot is a rarity! Though swimsuit shots paid
68.   How many TV commercials did Marilyn Monroe make? The
69.   Another of the famous Tobey Beach poses. Marilyn's ability to
70.   Based on her song "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" from
71.   "Rat Pack" days. Marilyn's association with the Rat Pack
72.   Early modeling days, circa '45. Marilyn's desire to succeed in
73.   In How to Marry a Millionaire, Marilyn's character Pola
74.   A glamour pose from the later stages of Marilyn's carrer.
75.   This card shows an image from the famous Tobey Beach photo
76.   This early '50s glamour pose was one of the many photos the
77.   In The Seven Year Itch, The Girl (played by Marilyn) manages
78.   Marilyn at the debut of The Rose Tattoo. She was escorted by
79.   The young Marilyn about the time of her first modeling contract
80.   Marilyn won thirty screen credits during her 15-year movie
81.   Marilyn from There's No Business Like Show Business. The
82.   Quantity, not quality, defined Marilyn's career in the early '50s.
83.   A major influence in Marilyn's career was Johnny Hyde, an
84.   Marilyn's first personal acting coach was Natasha Lyless, who
85.   Marilyn made only one film while with Columbia (1949's Ladies
86.   Marilyn as she appeared at a movie premier with former
87.   In How to Marry a Millionaire, Marilyn co-starred with Betty
88.   Though reportedly spotted as an extra in a handful of late-1946
89.   Late '50s reflections. Marilyn often sought refuge from the
90.   Though Marilyn married playwright Arthur Miller early in '56,
91.   A rare public appearance in June of 1957 found Marilyn
92.   1959's Some Like It Hot found Marilyn returning to earlier form
93.   From Bus Stop, 1956. Marilyn reworked the role of Cherie
94.   How To Marry a Millionaire, where this Marilyn pose originated
95.   Never forgotten. Marilyn's death at age 36 stunned the world.
96.   Reflective times, circa 1956. The ongoing battle between
97.   The cover girl, captured by the camera in '46 or '47. Bikini
98.   Captured in a particularly bubbly shot later in her career,
99.   From the mid-'50s, this publicity shot effectively summed up
100. An interesting Marilyn credit is O. Henry's Full House, an

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