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Looney Tunes, Olympicards 1996 Upper Deck

Base Common - 55 Card Set$ 14.95
Go For The Gold - 5 Chase Card Set$ 24.95
Go For The Gold # (GG) 2, 4 - Each$ 5.95
Animation, Comic Art

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Base Commons
1.   Daffy Duck, The First Olympics
2.   Bugs Bunny, Chariot Races
3.   Daffy Duck, The First Marathon
4.   Daffy Duck, Rope Climbing
5.   Bugs Bunny, Starting Position
6.   Bugs Bunny, Awards
7.   Sylvester, Soccer
8.   Foghorn Leghorn, Marathon
9.   Bugs Bunny, Walk Racing
10. Yosemite Sam, Hurdles
11. Daffy Duck, Hammer Throw
12. Marvin The Martian, Shooting
13. Tazmanian Devil, Vault
14. Bugs Bunny, Fencing
15. Bugs Bunny, Rowing
16. Wile E. Coyote, Photo Finish
17. Yosemite Sam, Equestrian
18. Daffy Duck, Opening Ceremonies
19. Elmer Fudd, Relay Race
20. Wile E. Coyote, Pole Vault
21. Yosemite Sam, Shot Put
22. Daffy Duck, Weightlifting
23. Road Runner, Track And Field
24. Daffy Duck, Judo
25. Speedy Gonzales, Sprint
26. Michigan J. Frog, Long Jump
27. Daffy Duck, Swimming
28. Tweety Bird, Balance Beam
29. Tweety Bird, Diving
30. Bugs Bunny, Cycling
31. Daffy Duck, Synchronized Swimming
32. Wile E. Coyote, Kayaking
33. Daffy Duck, Archery
34. Tweety Bird, Badminton
35. Daffy Duck, Basketball
36. Triple Jump
37. Springboard Diving
38. Steeplechase
39. Fencing
40. Individual Pursuit
41. Beach Volleyball
42. Pole Vault
43. Decathlon
44. Throwing A Discus
45. Gymnastics
46. Road Runner and Speedy dash to the finish line
47. Foghorn Leghorn and Bugs throw the discus
48. Foghorn Leghorn and Elmer pump some iron
49. Daffy and Bugs compete in the Javelin Throw
50. Daffy brings new meaning to the word freestyle
51. Wile E. Coyote makes Pole Vaulting look easy
52. Bugs looks to steal the serve from Daffy
53. Bugs leaps to the lead in the Hurdles event
54. Taz and friends know that training is half the fun
55. Frogs know a thing or two about the Long Jump

Go For The Gold Chase Cards
GG1. Youngest Winner
GG2. Dash Domination
GG3. Tire And Ice
GG4. Back To Back Wins
GG5. Gold And Wimbledon

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