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The Lion King, Series 2 1994 Skybox

Base Common - 81 Card Set$ 16.95
Foil Border # FB2$ 35.95
Pop Up # (P) 7, 8, 10 - Each$ 10.95
Thermo # (T) 2, 5, 6, 8, 9 - Each$ 6.95
Activity # A4$ 1.50
Animation, Comic Art

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Base Commons
Title Card
The Art Of The Lion King
91. Alligators and Birds
92. Where Have I Seen This Before
93. Simba Remembers
94. A Chorus of Hyenas
95. Elephants on Parade
96. Song of a Future King
97. Giraffe Choreography
98. Pride Lands and Elephant Graveyard
99. Leisure Times
Scenic Puzzle Cards
100 to 102. Fire Engulfs Pride Rock
103 to 105. Presentation of Simba
106 to 108. All The Light Touches
109 to 111. A Jungle Paradise
112 to 114. Wildebeest Stampede
115 to 117. All Hail The Future King
Memorable Moments
118. Presentation Of Simba
119. Brother Betrayed
120. Dangerous Warning
121. Roaring Lessons
122. Pouncing Practice
123. Dark Destination
124. Simba Daydreams
125. I Just Can't Wait To Be King
126. Good Old-Fashioned Fun
127. Facing Fear
128. The Hyenas Close In
129. Ribcage Prison
130. Mufasa To The Rescue
131. A Father's Promise
132. Scar's Devious Plan
133. Hungry Hyenas
134. Scar Plots With The Hyenas
135. Sudden Stampede
136. Mufasa Is Gone
137. An Unusual Twosome
138. New Friends
139. Outcasts Together
140. Hakuna Matata
141. No Worry and Responsibility
142. The Fine Art of Eating Bugs
143. Remembering Mufasa
144. A Lioness Approaches
145. Simba and Nala Reunite
146. A Spiritual Guide
147. Pumbaa and Timon's Help
148. Simba Faces His Destiny
149. Confrontation
150. Simba Clings For Life
151. Martial Artist
152. Tricking The Hyenas
153. Ready For Battle
154. Deadly
155. To His Doom
156. Simba Triumphs
Animal Trivia Cards
157. The Lion
158. The Baboon
159. The Warthog
160. The Meerkat
161. The Hornbill
162. The Hyena
163. The Wildebeest
Rafiki's Words OF Wisdom
164. I Know Who You Are
165. Look Harder...He Lives In You
166. The Question Is: Who Are You
167. You Follow Old Rafiki He Knows The Way
168. Asante Sana Squash Banama
169. Checklist A
170. Checklist B

Thermographic Chase Cards
T1. Rafiki Works His Magic
T2. Confrontation On Pride Rock
T3. A Young King Is Born
T4. A King And His Heir
T5. Let's Rustle Up Some Grub
T6. The Circle Of Life Is Complete
T7. Scar Presents His Villainous Scheme
T8. A Little Bit Of Mischief
T9. I Just Can't Wait To Be King

Pop Up Chase Cards
P6.   Timon
P7.   Pumbaa
P8.   Zazu
P9.   Nala
P10. Adult Simba

Foil Border Chase Cards
F1. King Mufasa Lives
F2. Hakuna Matata

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