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Greg Hildebrandt, Series 1 1992 Comic Images

Base Common - 90 Card Set$ 19.95
Prism # (P) 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 - Each$ 15.95
Fantasy Art

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Base Commons
1.   Angel of the Gods
2.   Serpent's Glen/Heavy Metal
3.   Sea Nymph's Flight
4.   White Fire
5.   Seduction
6.   The Crucifiers: Album cover - Mob Rules/Black Sabbath
7.   Puppet Dream
8.   Floating Planet
9.   Rendezvous
10. Flying Saucers
11. Totentanz
12. Krull
13. Krull II
14. Mystic Warrior
15. Ride of the Valkyries
16. Thor 1981
17. Loki 1981
18. Freyja 1981
19. The Gift of the Elf-Queen
20. The Ring of the Elf-Queen
21. Black Cauldron/Private Collection
22. The Winged Messenger
23. Reflections
24. Dracula: A View of Horror
25. Dracula: Lust of the Undead
26. Dracula: Miss Lucy's Resting Place
27. Dracula: The Vampiresses
28. Poe: Pit and the Pendulum
29. Poe: The Raven
30. Poe: The Premature Burial
31. Poe: Hop-Frog
32. Poe: A Dream within a Dream
33. Phantom of the Opera: The Death Choice
34. Phantom of the Opera: Christine Unmasks the Phantom
35. Phantom of the Opera: The Secret Passage
36. Phantom of the Opera: The Red Death
37. Phantom of the Opera: Raoul Faces the Phantom
38. Davy and the Goblin: Solomon Stalks the Goblin
39. Davy and the Goblin: Sham-Sham
40. Davy and the Goblin: Davy Meets the Goblin
41. Beauty & the Beast
42. Necklace of the Brislings
43. Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
44. Siegfried
45. The Little Mermaid
46. Sinbad
47. Perseus
48. The Magic Carpet
49. Robin Hood: Where This Arrow Shall Fall...
50. Robin Hood: King Richard Meets the Outlaws
51. Robin Hood: The Day Dawned
52. Robin Hood: Best Bowman In All England
53. Robin Hood: He Clasped The Dainty Page
54. Robin Hood: A Rescue
55. Robin Hood: I will Soon Get Some Rare Sport
56. Robin Hood: My Thanks To You...
57. Robin Hood: Robin and the Men of Sherwood
58. Peter Pan: Tinkerbell's Sacrifice
59. Peter Pan: Tiger Lily Fights the Pirates
60. Peter Pan: The Arch Enemies Meet
61. Peter Pan: The Mermaid's Lagoon
62. Peter Pan: The Sinister Captain Hook
63. Peter Pan: The Magic Shores
64. Alice: Who Stole the Tarts
65. Alice: The Cheshire Cat
66. Alice: The Mad Tea-Party
67. Alice: Advice From a Caterpillar
68. Alice: Drink Me
69. Wizard of Oz: Dorothy Says Good-bye
70. Wizard of Oz: The Tin Man's Heart
71. Wizard of Oz: Dorothy Melts the Wicked Witch
72. Wizard of Oz: The Wicked Witch of the West
73. Wizard of Oz: The Deadly Poppy Field
74. Wizard of Oz: The Yellow Brick Road
75. Wizard of Oz: The Army of Oz
76. Wizard of Oz: Dorothy Finds the Tin Man
77. Pinocchio: The Real Boy
78. Pinocchio: The Green Fisherman
79. Pinocchio: Pinocchio Tells a Lie
80. Pinocchio: The Blue Fairy
81. Pinocchio: At The Red Crawfish
82. Pinocchio: Fire Eater the Tyrant
83. Pinocchio: Pinocchio Runs Away
84. A Christmas Carol: God Bless Us, Everyone
85. A Christmas Carol: Marley's Ghost
86. A Christmas Carol: Men of Business
87. A Christmas Treasury: Santa's Flight
88. Treasures of Chanukah: Judah Maccabee Fights
89. Treasures of Chanukah: The Torah
90. Checklist

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