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Greg Hildebrandt, Series 2, 30 Years of Magic
1993 Comic Images

Base Common - 90 Card Set$ 18.95
Chromium - 6 Chase Card Set$ 90.95
Chromium # (C) 4, 5, 6 - Each$ 15.95
Fantasy Art

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Base Commons
1.   The Hunt
2.   Displaced
3.   Forbidden Mountain
4.   The Wizard's Lair
5.   The Troll's Grindstone
6.   The Go Game
7.   Dylan
8.   The Mountains of Chanandran
9.   The Nivick
10. The Monster Meeting
11. In the Days of Camelot
Gods & Goddesses
12. Odin
13. The Vikings
14. Diana
15. Zeus
16. Hera
17. Hel
18. Apollo
Mary Stewart's Merlin Calendar
19. Slayer of the White Bull
20. The Giant's Dance
21. The Prophecy
Robin Hood
22. Have At You
23. He Bore a Harp in His Hand
24. Prince John Heard Him With Scorn
25. We Must Meet His Tricks With Other Tricks
Favorite Fairy Tales
26. The Sleeping Beauty
27. Tale of Tontlawald
28. King Lubdan of the Leprechaun
29. Rip Van Winkle
30. Rumpelstiltskin
Peter Pan
31. Tinkerbell Rests on the Cookoo Clock
32. The Sinister Captain Hook
33. Peter Wakens Mrs. Darling
34. Peter Stands on Guard
35. The Final Fight
36. The Happy Reunion
The Wizard Of Oz
37. The Good Witch Gives Dorothy the Silver Slippers
38. The Emerald City on the Horizon
39. The Scarecrow Enters the Great Throne Room
40. Dorothy and the China Clown
41. The Hammer-Heads
42. The Wicked Witch Uses the Golden Cap
43. Geppetto Rescues Pinocchio
44. Pinocchio Sells his Spelling Book
45. The Gorilla Judge
46. The Giant Crab
47. To The Land of The Boobies
48. Rescued by The Tunny
Phantom Of The Opera
49. The Dancers' Dismay
50. The Shadow Stalks
51. Grand Foyer Paris Opera House
52. The Trap-Door Lover
53. The New Prima Donna
54. In the Depths of the Opera House
55. The Lovers Reunite
Davy And The Goblin
56. It's Raining Cats
57. The Giant Badorful
58. The Feather Duster Forest
59. Davy Rescues Old Sea Dog
60. The Elastic Spring
61. Davy Meets Robin Hood
62. Sinbad Tells a Tale
A Christmas Carol
63. Marley's Ghost
64. The Ghost of Christmas Present
65. Ignorance & Want
66. The Ghost of Christmas Future
67. The Crypt
68. Arthur Frees His Love's Soul
69. The Cross
70. The Circle of the Host
71. The Loss of a Friend
72. The Pillar of Mist
73. Eldorado
74. The Domain of Arnheim
75. Dream Land
76. The Black Cat
77. Annabel Lee
78. The Masque of the Red Death
Alice In Wonderland
79. Alice Grows
80. The Footmen
81. The Croquet Match
A Christmas Treasury
82. Deck the Halls
83. We Three Kings
84. I Saw Three Ships
Treasures Of Chanukah
85. Rock of Ages
86. The Death of Mattathias
87. The Messenger of Antiochus
88. In the Vortex
89. The Planets
90. Checklist

Chromium Chase Cards
C1. Alice Swims with the Mouse (The Pool of Tears)
C2. Bill the Lizard
C3. The Puppy
C4. Alice Meets the Cheshire Cat
C5. The Pack of Cards
C6. The Gryphon & The Mock Turtle (Lobster Quadrille)

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