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Elvis Presley, Bubble Gum 1978 Boxcar / Donruss

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Base Commons
1.   In the movie "Harum Scarum" it was discovered that Elvis
2.   In 1955, Colonel Tom Parker became business manager for
3.   Elvis introduced his famous wiggle on his first shows. His fans
4.   Elvis had four number one hits in 1956. His first recordings for
5.   Elvis was big in stature. He stood six feet tall and weighed two
6.   He bought his first Cadillac in 1955. It was pink...in the fashion
7.   By the end of 1956, there were some seventy-eight separate Elvis
8.   While in the Army, Elvis often received ten thousand fan letters a
9.   Elvis received the highest fee ever paid for a single guest
10. His relationship with his mother seemed to give Elvis the security
11. At one time Elvis owned two Cadillacs, a Rolls Royce, a Lincoln
12. Elvis was a junk food junkie. He literally lived on cheeseburgers,
13. Elvis had thirty-nine gold records and sold about 250 million
14. Elvis starred in "Jailhouse Rock" in 1957. He sang seven songs
15. Elvis, as Joe Lightcloud, in the movie "Stay Away Joe", was
16. This is a publicity photo for "Love Me Tender". The movie
17. This photo was taken on the set of the movie "G.I. Blues",
18. This photo was taken from the movie "Charro," one of Elvis'
19. Of all the movies Elvis made, his favorite was "King Creole".
20. His generosity was his way of showing friendship and and a way
21. In June of 1977, he received two Photoplay Gold Medals
22. There were many famous recording stars in the fifties, but Elvis
23. Elvis' original resting place was beside his mother at Forest Hill
24. Because of his hit song, Elvis collected "Teddy Bears". Once in
25. He was a true believer in Christianity. He loved Gospel music.
26. Words like Courage, Honor, and Virtue, moved Elvis. Gemeral
27. Elvis was not superficial at all in conversation. He could be very
28. Elvis' greatest trait was that with all his fame he was still humble.
29. On May 1, 1967, Elvis married Pricilla Beaulieu, a twenty-one
30. Elvis dated several girls while he was in Germany, one was
31. Heroically, Elvis saved the Roosevelt Yacht from the scrap pile
32. As a child Elvis looked forward to Sundays when he would sing
33. Elvis was a very people oriented person. At every engagement,
34. He loved people. The crowds that pursued him gave him a good
35. He was born January 8, 1935, in a two room house in Tupelo,
36. His first professional record featured "That's All Right Mama"
37. Some of his early nicknames were: Elvis the Pelvis, Mr. Wiggle,
38. Elvis was a generous person and contributed to many local
39. Elvis' movie career carried him through thirty-three films. His first
40. Elvis was somewhat athletically inclined. His favorite outdoor
41. On March 24, 1958, he was inducted into the Army. While in the
42. Elvis was a gentle, obedient, religious boy with a likable
43. His mansion, Graceland, is located on Elvis Presley Boulevard in
44. Private Elvis Presley, ASN533-10761, weighed 185 pounds at his
45. Elvis attended Humes High School in Memphis. Academically,
46. Elvis Aaron Presley, Graceland Mansion, Elvis Presley
47. Elvis was stunned August 14, 1958 by the death of his mother,
48. The death of Elvis Presley spawned a billion dollar industry of
49. August, 1954 - November, 1955
50. January - September, 1956
51. January - September, 1956
52. January - December, 1957
53. April, 1958 - June, 1959
54. March, 1960 - November, 1961
55. January, 1968 - November, 1969
56. January - December, 1970
57. March - November, 1971
58. January - November, 1972
59. February, 1962 - October, 1963
60. April, 1964 - November, 1965
61. April, 1964 - November, 1965
62. January, 1966 - September, 1967
63. January, 1966 - September, 1967
64. January, 1968 - November, 1969
65. February, 1973 - February, 1975
66. The entertainment world is now flooded with Elvis

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