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Dune 1984 Fleer

Base Common - 132 Card Set$ 75.95
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Science Fiction, Movie Memorabilia

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Base Commons
1.     The 3rd Stage Navigator Has Arrived
2.     Princess Irulan Must Leave
3.     The Emperor And The Reverend Mother Mohiam
4.     I Must Face Him Alone
5.     The Guildsmen Enter
6.     The Navigator Reveals Himself
7.     A Warning To The Emperor
8.     Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam
9.     Paul Atreides
10.   Duke Leto
11.   Lady Jessica
12.   Gurney Halleck
13.   Thufir Hawat
14.   Dr. Yueh
15.   Duncan Idaho
16.   Practice With A Fighter Robot
17.   Shield Practice With Gurney
18.   Father And Son Talk
19.   Paul Meets The Reverend Mother Mohiam
20.   The Test
21.   Is Paul The Kwisatz Haderach?
22.   Baron Harkonnen Receives His Treatment
23.   Piter Delivers Duke Leto's Message
24.   Rabban And Feyd, An Evil Pair
25.   Baron Harkonnen Floats Away
26.   The Baron And His Goo!
27.   Farewell To Caladan
28.   Atreides Ships Land At Arrakeen
29.   Unpacking In The Great Hall
30.   Inspecting The Servants Of Arrakeen
31.   Paul Explores His New Home
32.   The Shadout Mapes
33.   Paul Grabs A Hunter-Seeker
34.   Searching For More Traps
35.   A Hidden Harkonnen Spy
36.   Thufir Reports
37.   Duke Leto And Paul Arriving For Tour
38.   Dr. Kynes And Gurney
39.   Entering The Ornithopter
40.   A Harvester Is Spotted
41.   Wormsign!
42.   Carryall
43.   Duke Leto Orders A Rescue
44.   The Worm Attacks
45.   The Harvester Is Destroyed
46.   The Treachery Begins
47.   The Fierce Sardaukar Attack
48.   The Battle Rages Outside Arrakeen Palace
49.   Piter Orders Paul And Jessica Into The Desert
50.   Rabban On The Bridge
51.   The Baron Greets Dr. Yueh, The Traitor
52.   Piter Repays Dr. Yueh For His Services
53.   Look What I Found
54.   Rabban Tears Off Dr. Kynes' Stillsuit
55.   Duke Leto's Chance To Eliminate The Baron
56.   A Dangerous Flight Into The Desert
57.   Paul And Jessica Crash In The Desert
58.   We Must Hurry...This Crash May Bring A Worm
59.   Rabban! We've Gutted Them!
60.   Give Me Spice And Show No Mercy!
61.   Paul And Jessica Run From A Worm
62.   Escaping Into The Rocks
63.   The First Meeting With The Fremen
64.   Stilgar...Leader Of Sietch Tabr
65.   Lady Jessica Uses The Weirding Way
66.   Paul Meets Chani
67.   Accepted Into The Freman Tribe
68.   Entering Sietch Tabr
69.   A Fremen Water Monk Speaks To Paul
70.   Paul Addresses The Fremen
71.   Paul Demonstrates The Weirding Module
72.   Chuksa!
73.   Stilgar Asks Jessica To "Pass Within"
74.   The Old Reverend Mother Is Carried In
75.   The Fremen Gather To Witness "The Change"
76.   Inside The Hall Of Rites
77.   The Baron And Feyd Go To Visit Thufir
78.   A Brilliant Red Color Marks The Fedaykin
79.   Paul And Stilgar Watch The Fremen Charge
80.   Even Better In Battle Than In The Training Room
81.   Who Is This Paul Muad'Dib
82.   It Is Time To Become A Sandrider
83.   Paul Hooks A Giant Worm
84.   A Sandrider!
85.   Rabban And Harkonnens In The Desert
86.   Beast Rabban And The Boys
87.   I Will Find This Muad'Dib!
88.   You Young Pup! You Young Pup!
89.   Alia...Sister Of Paul Muad'Dib
90.   A Guild Ship Lands At The Emperor's Palace
91.   The Emperor Gets One Last Chance
92.   Long Live The Fighters
93.   Watching The Harkonnen Ships Land
94.   A Harkonnen Ship
95.   Bring In That Floating Fat Man...The Baron
96.   The Baron Enters The Throne Room
97.   Poor Rabban...He's Been A Bad Boy
98.   Your Highness, There Must Be A Mistake
99.   Alia...A Messenger From Muad'Dib
100. Paul Atriedes Lives!
101. Fremen Rush Into Battle
102. Release The Sardaukar
103. A Fremen Secret Weapon
104. Baron...Give This Little Abomination To The Storm
105. The Emperor And His Generals Watch Helplessly
106. The Worms Come Closer
107. And Closer
108. Crushed By A Giant Worm
109. The Worm That Ate The Baron
110. Running For Their Lives...
111. Alia Inspects The Battleground
112. Paul Enters The Great Hall
113. Face To Face With The Emperor
114. You Shall Kill Him For Us Thufir!
115. Do You Need My Life, Old Friend?
116. Thufir's Final Sacrifice
117. Paul Faces His Last Harkonnen In battle
118. The Harkonnen Animal
119. Feyd Lashes Out At Paul
120. Paul Fights Back
121. My Blade Will Finish You...
122. Feyd Gets Stung!
123. Now I Will Tell You How It Will Be
124. I Sit On The Throne
125. Paul Comforts Chani
126. Brother And Sister...The Universe Is Theirs
127. The Fremen Have The Word Of Muad'Dib
128. The Rain Falls On Arrakis
129. Dune Checklist
130. Dune Checklist
131. Terms & Definitions Card
132. Terms & Definitions

Sticker Chase Cards
1.   A Spicescout, Beast Rabban
2.   Paul And Lady Jessica, Emperor Shaddam IV
3.   Lady Jessica, Sardaukar
4.   Feyd Rabban, Feyd Rabban
5.   Jessica As Reverend Mother, Alia
6.   Feyd Challenges Paul, Duke Leto
7.   Feyd And The Emperor's Blade, Harkonnen Trooper
8.   Paul With Weirding Module, Lady Jessica
9.   Rabban And Troops, Sardaukar
10. Beast Rabban, Alia
11. Rabban The Conqueror, Beast Rabban
12. Feyd...The Baron's Nephew, Beast Rabban
13. The Baron Harkonnen, Lady Jessica
14. Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, Paul
15. Piter The Assassin, Baron Harkonnen
16. Princess Irulan, Feyd Rabban
17. Emperor Shaddam IV, Emperor Shaddam IV
18. Princess Irulan, Harkonnen Trooper
19. Bene Gesserit Sisterhood, Lady Jessica
20. Dr. Kynes, Paul
21. Chani, Reverend Mother Mohiam
22. Harrah And Sons, Baron Harkonen
23. Alia, Paul's Sister, Duke Leto
24. Gurney Halleck, Reverend Mother Mohiam
25. Dr.Yueh, Feyd Rabban
26. That Floating Fat Man!, Harkonnen Trooper
27. Fremen Monk, Lady Jessica
28. Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam, Emperor Shaddam
29. Sardaukar, Sardaukar
30. Paul Muad'Dib, Reverend Mother Mohiam
31. The Sleeper Must Awaken, Alia
32. Paul Sets A Thumper, Reverend Mother Mohiam
33. Third Stage Navigator, Alia
34. Feyd..Ready To Fight, Paul
35. Sandrider Express, Baron Harkonnen
36. Charging Worm, Duke Leto
37. A Harkonnen Ship, Emperor Shaddam IV
38. Duke Leto And Friend, Paul
39. Thufir Hawat, Sardaukar
40. Guildsman, Beast Rabban
41. Shadout Mapes, Feyd Rabban
42. Piter Inspects The Troops, Baron Harkonnen
43. Paul Fires His Weapon, Duke Leto
44. Fremen Fighters, Harkonnen Trooper

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