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Base Commons
Favorite Stories
Brave Little Tailor
1.   On the heels of disaster
G. A giant killer--me!?
2.   Time for a giant break
H. A hero's sendoff
3.   A tasty morsel!
I.  How to catch a giant?
4.   Nose to nose with trouble
D. Oh boy, seven in one blow!
5.   The mighty sword
E. Gloom in the throne room
6.   A stitch in time
F. Conquer the giant--marry my daughter!
7.   Snooze Power
A. Brave Little Tailor
8.   Happily ever after!
B. A sign of trouble
9.   Brave Little Tailor
C. Bothered by flies
Bone Trouble
10. Ouch!
G. A place to hide
11. Is it a mirage?
H. A tall story
12. After awhile, crocodile!
I.  Smile
13. Out for revenge
D. A bone to pick
14. What a team!
E. Caught in the act
15. A bright idea
F. Run for your life!
16. Scared stiff!
A. Bone Trouble
17. A just reward
B. Breakfast for the birds
18. Bone Trouble
C. A guarded treasure
Clock Cleaners
19. On the edge
G. A bundle of joy?
20. Goofy takes the plunge!
H. Father Time!
21. On the rebound
I.  Time out of mind
22. A joint effort!
D. Spring cleaning
23. Touchdown!
E. In the works!
24. Spring has sprung
F. A fine-feathered friend
25. Out of gear
A. Clock Cleaners
26. Mumbo jumbo
B. Making a clean sweep
27. Clock Cleaners
C. Getting in gear
Thru The Mirror
28. A grand finale!!
G. Aw, nuts!
29. Forward,march!!
H. Feeling small
30. What a card!
I.  Hats off to Mickey!
31. Dancin' cheek to cheek
D. The true reflection
32. A two-faced opponent!
E. Through the looking glass
33. The pen is mightier than the sword!
F. A tasty treat?
34. Going home
A. Thru The Mirror
35. Awake at last!
B. A book of wonder
36. Thru the Mirror
C. A dream unfolds
Orphans' Benefit
37. Giving Donald a hand
G. Caveman ballet
38. A knockout!
H. Swan dive or belly flop?!
39. A singing sensation
I.  A poet's reprise
40. Tickling the ol' ivories!
D. Little Boy Blue
41. Encore! Encore!
E. Come blow your horn
42. Mischief is in the air!
F. Donald blows his stack!
43. A sitting duck
A. Orphans' Benefit
44. Aw, phooey!
B. Fun and games
45. Orphans' Benefit
C. Introducing Donald Duck
Pluto's Judgement Day
46. Seeing double
G. A real cat-astrophe!
47. The verdict!
H. Swear in the prisoner!
48. Poor Pluto!
I.  Public Enemy Number One!
49. A devilish ploy
D. A perplexed pooch
50. In the hot seat
E. Scared out of his skin
51. A rude awakening
F. A taunting tomcat
52. Kiss and make up!
A. Pluto's Judgement Day
53. Friends at last
B. The chase is on
54. Pluto's Judgement Day
C. In the doghouse
Symphony Hour
55. Sour notes
G. The big night
56. A blow out
H. Money is in the air
57. Muscial mayhem!
I.  A disaster waiting to happen
58. Bird's - eye view
D. Donald on drums
59. All fiddled out
E. On first bass with Clara Cluck
60. Sweating it out
F. Music to his ears!
61. Drumming up trouble!
A. Symphony Hour
62. Bravo! Bravo!
B. Playing a mean horn
63. Symphony Hour
C. Stringing along with Clarabelle
Lonesome Ghosts
64. Surf's up!
G. Is anybody home?
65. Put up your dukes!
H. One for all... All for one!
66. A ghoulish reflection
I.  A spooky shadow
67. Running for cover
D. A ghostly persuasion
68. A sticky solution
E. We're on the case!
69. Who's scaring who?
F. A-ghosting we shall go!
70. Ghosts on the run!
A. Lonesome Ghosts
71. A job well done!
B. Open for business
72. Lonesome Ghosts
C. Napping ghostnabbers
The Mad Doctor
73. Pluto's dilemma!
G. Caught in the middle
74. The great experiment!
H. A skeletal staircase
75. A bone-chilling chase
I.  A mad doctor!!
76. A sticky situation
D. Oh, no, Pluto's missing!
77. A real cut-up!
E. Let me in!
78. What's the buzz?
F. A skeleton's welcome
79. Where's Pluto?
A. The Mad Doctor
80. Joyful reunion!
B. One dark, stormy night
81. The Mad Doctor
C. A dog is nabbed
Donald's Crime
82. You forgot to kiss us goodnight!
G. Fork it over!!
83. Feeling like a shunk
H. In the money!!
84. Dream date with Daisy!
I.  A guilt-ridden uncle
85. You're a public enemy, pal!
D. Money in the bank
86. A life of crime!!
E. A devilish scheme
87. A real jailbird!!
F. Working on his cut
88. Cleaning up his debt!
A. Donald's Crime
89. The Payback!
B. A date with Daisy!
90. Donald's Crime
C. Flat broke!
The Art Of Skiing
91. Hangin' in there
G. And we're off
92. Up and at 'em
H. Divided he stands
93. Over the hill
I.  A real twister!
94. At the peak of his form
D. A striking pose!
95. Up a tree
E. Something up his sleeve
96. Down a tree
F. Head over heels!
97. A crash landing!
A. The Art Of Skiing
98. Home at last!
B. Sleeping like a log
99. The Art of Skiing
C. The ultimate back scratcher
Family Portraits
100. Mickey's Bio
101. Minnie's Bio
102. Goofy's Bio
103. Pluto's Bio
104. Donald's Bio
105. Daisy's Bio
106. Mickey's Bio
107. Donald's Bio
108. Goofy's Bio
109. Brave Little Tailor (1938)
110. Magician Mickey (1937)
111. The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1940)
112. The Nifty Nineties (1941)
113. Brave Little Tailor (1938)
114. Hawaiian Holiday (1937)
115. Society Dog Show (1939)
116. Mickey's Kangaroo (1935)
117. Pluto's Quin-Puplets (1937)
118. Sea Scouts (1939)
119. Fire Chief (1940)
120. Modern Inventions (1937)
121. Don Donald (1937)
122. Donald's Diary (1954)
123. Mr. Duck Steps Out (1940)
124. Hawaiian Holiday (1937)
125. Clock Cleaners (1937)
126. The Olympic Champ (1942)
127. I only have eyes for you
128. Lonesome Ghosts (1937)
129. Goofy and Wilbur (1939)
130. Brave Little Tailor (1938)
131. Old MacDonald Duck (1941)
132. Hawaiian Holiday (1937)
133. The Princess of Polka Dots
134. Pluto, Junior (1942)
135. Boat Builders (1938)
136. Mickey's Fire Brigade (1935)
137. The Olympic Champ (1942)
138. Truant Officer Donald (1941)
139. Mr. Duck Steps Out (1940)
140. Pluto's Quin-Puplets (1937)
141. Self Control (1938)
142. The Nifty Nineties (1941)
143. Society Dog Show (1939)
144. Donald's Better Self (1938)
145. Hawaiian Holiday (1937)
146. The Art of Skiing (1941)
147. The Sleepwalker (1942)
148. Mickey's Amateurs (1937)
149. Don Donald (1937)
150. Donald's Golf Game (1938)
151. Beach Picnic (1939)
152. How to Swim (1942)
153. Donald's Ostrich (1937)
154. Sunday Comic Strip (1935)
155. Sunday Comic Strip (1939)
156. Daily Comic Strip (1940)
157. Sunday Comic Strip (1939)
158. Sunday Comic Strip (1941)
159. Sunday Comic Strip (1936)
160. Sunday Comic Strip (1940)
161. Sunday Comic Strip (1939)
162. Sunday Comic Strip (1940)
163. Sunday Comic Strip (1937)
164. Sunday Comic Strip (1937)
165. Sunday Comic Strip (1934)
166. Sunday Comic Strip (1939)
167. Sunday Comic Strip (1936)
168. Sunday Comic Strip (1936)
169. Sunday Comic Strip (1939)
170. Sunday Comic Strip (1940)
171. Sunday Comic Strip (1940)
World Tour
172. Mickey's World Tour - 1001 Hellos!
173. Seeing Red
174. Wrestling, Japanese Style
175. Safari Surprise
176. A Camel Built for Two
177. The "Goofy Express"
178. Donald's Calypso Beat!
179. Ooh La La, Can they Can-Can
180. Donald Goes for the Gold
181. Donald the Gondolier
182. Mickey's Crash Course in Greek
183. A Moscow Chorus Line
184. Mickey Scores Again!
185. Pluto's Tail of India
186. Ancient Egyptian Comic Strips
187. Have Bagpipes, Will Travel
188. G'Day, Mate!
189. Daisy the Diva
190. Paris Originals
191. Luau Ladies
192. Samurai Duck
193. Hanging Around the Alps with Goofy
194. The Sombrero Stomp
195. Mickey in Russia
196. Mickey's Passport
197. Goofy's Alpine Antics
198. Flight 110
199. Pasta a la Pluto
200. Goofy Guards the Guard
201. Gold Medal Goofy
202. Miki Tiki
203. Mickey's Dutch Dilemma
204. Time on His Hands
205. Flamenco Fun!
206. Chiquita Minnie
207. Mickey's Oom-Pah Band
208. Favorite Stories Checklist
209. Family Portraits Checklist
210. World Tour Checklist

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H1. Fantasia
H2. World Tour

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