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Comic Ball, Looney Tunes, Series 3 1992 Upper Deck

Base Common - 198 Card Set$ 29.95
Hologram - Each
Chuck Jones and Bugs Bunny
Jim Abbott, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig
Jim Abbott and Tasmanian Devil
Jim Abbott and Tweety Bird
$ 4.35
Base Common - Singles $ 0.25
Animation, Comic Art

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Base Commons
Batting Odor
1 to 18
Mechanical Mayhem
19 to 36
Batty Practice
37 to 54
To Teach His Own
55 to 72
Pacific Northwest Heights
73 to 90
Seventh Inning Stretch
91 to 98
Series 3 - Set 1 Checklist Card
Eye on Ball
100 to 117
Big Game Break Down
118 to 135
The Winning Scheme
136 to 153
Every Duck Has His Day
154 to 171
Base in the Hole
172 to 189
Seventh Inning Stretch
190 to 197
Series 3 - Set 2 Checklist Card

Hologram Chase Cards
Chuck Jones, Bugs Bunny
Jim Abbott, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig
Jim Abbott, Tasmanian Devil
Jim Abbott, Tweety Bird
Ken Griffey Jr., Bugs Bunny
Ken Griffey Jr., Sylvester Cat
Ken Griffey Jr., Wile E. Coyote
Ken Griffey Jr., Yosemite Sam
Ken Griffey Sr., Bear

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