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All-Time 'Toons 1996 Upper Deck

Base Common - 108 Card Set$ 23.95
Toon-Time Capsule Foil - Each
# (TC) 1, 2, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15
$ 5.95
Base Common - Singles$ 0.42
Animation, Comic Art, Wide Vision

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Base Commons
1.     Daffy Duck
2.     Sylvester
3.     Daffy Duck
4.     Porky Pig
5.     Road Runner
6.     Wile E. Coyote
7.     Pepe Le Pew
8.     Beaky Buzzard
9.     Sylvester Jr.
10.   Daffy Duck
11.   Bugs Bunny
12.   Bugs Bunny
13.   Elmer Fudd
14.   Bugs Bunny
15.   Daffy Duck
16.   Daffy Duck
17.   Elmer Fudd
18.   Daffy Duck
19.   Tasmanian Devil
20.   Foghorn Leghorn
21.   Bugs Bunny
22.   Speedy Gonzales
23.   Wile E. Coyote
24.   Michigan J. Frog
25.   Penelope
26.   Porky Pig
27.   Bugs Bunny
28.   Road Runner
29.   Speedy Gonzales
30.   Tasmanian Devil
31.   Bugs Bunny
32.   Yosemite Sam
33.   Speedy Gonzales
34.   Daffy Duck
35.   Foghorn Leghorn
36.   Marvin the Martian
Bugs Bunny All-America Hero
37.   Abe Lincoln Bugs
38.   Artist Bugs
39.   Patriotic Bugs
40.   Truant Officer Bugs
41.   Keystone Cop Bugs
42.   Pilot Bugs
43.   Doctor Bugs
44.   Wrestler Bugs
45.   Campaigning Bugs
46.   Hero Bugs
47.   Captain Bugs
48.   Military Bugs
49.   Baseball Bugs
50.   Boxer Bugs
51.   Contractor Bugs
52.   Calvary Soldier Bugs
53.   King Bugs
54.   Ring Leader Bugs
55.   Conductor Bugs
56.   Matador Bugs
57.   Entertainer Bugs
58.   Roman Hero Bugs
59.   Dragon-Slayer Bugs
60.   Genie Bugs
Daffy Daze
61.   Boobs In The Woods
62.   Cracked Quack
63.   Design For Leaving
64.   Duck Amuck
65.   The Ducksters
66.   The High And The Flighty
67.   Holiday For Drumsticks
68.   Muscle Tussle
69.   My Little Duckaroo
70.   Riff Raffy Daffy
71.   Stork Naked
72.   Suppressed Duck
73.   Golden Yeggs
74.   Duck! Rabbit! Duck!
75.   Show Biz Bugs
76.   Ali Baba Bunny
77.   Duck Dodgers In The 24th 1/2 Century
78.   Rabbit Fire
79.   Don't Axe Me
80.   Quacker Tracker
81.   Rabbit Seasoning
82.   The Stupor Salesman
83.   Tease For Two
84.   Dime To Retire
Dastardly Duos
85.   Tweety vs Sylvester
86.   Porky Pig vs Charlie Dog
87.   Foghorn Leghorn vs Barnyard Dog
88.   Sylvester vs Hippity Hopper
89.   Goofy Gophers vs Elmer Fudd
90.   Sylvester vs Speedy Gonzales
91.   Bugs Bunny vs Yosemite Sam
92.   Daffy Duck vs Bugs Bunny
93.   Sam vs Ralph
94.   Porky Pig vs The Last of the Do-Dos
95.   Foghorn Leghorn vs Henery Hawk
96.   Marc Antony vs Pussyfoot
97.   Wile E. Coyote vs Road Runner
98.   Daffy Duck vs Speedy Gonzales
99.   Sylvester vs Butch
100. Bugs Bunny vs Pete Puma
101. Pepe Le Pew vs Penelope
102. Bugs Bunny vs Marvin Martian
103. Daffy Duck vs Marvin Martian
104. The Three Pigs vs The Wolf
105. Bugs Bunny vs Gossamer
106. Wile E. Coyote vs Bugs Bunny
107. Bugs Bunny vs Elmer Fudd
108. Bugs Bunny vs Tasmanian Devil

Classic Ink Cel Chase Cards
CI01. The Rabbit of Seville
CI02. Bad Ol' Puddy Tat
CI03. Fast and Furry-ous
CI04. For Scent-imental Reasons
CI05. Dough for the Do-Do
CI06. Water, Water Every Hare
CI07. Don't Give Up the Sheep
CI08. Duck Dodgers
CI09. Bully for Bugs
CI10. Knighty-Knight Bugs
CI11. Rabbit Fire
CI12. Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare
CI13. Speedy Gonzales
CI14. Show Biz Bugs
CI15. Rabbit Seasoning

Toon-Time Capsule Foil Chase Cards
TC1.   Bugs Bunny
TC2.   Daffy Duck
TC3.   Elmer Fudd
TC4.   Porky Pig
TC5.   Tweety Bird
TC6.   Sylvester
TC7.   Marvin Martian
TC8.   Pepe LePew
TC9.   Wile E. Coyote
TC10. Road Runner
TC11. Tasmanian Devil
TC12. Speedy Gonzales
TC13. Yosemite Sam
TC14. Foghorn Leghorn
TC15. Granny

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